Ready-to-Ship Bag-In-Box Supplies

No minimums, no hassles, just easy online ordering! From retail-friendly to bulk options, get your products market-ready at the most affordable price.

We offer BIB bags and boxes in a full range of quantities, sizes, and options. And they’re in stock and ready to ship, so we’ll fulfill your orders quickly and cost-effectively.

One-Stop Shopping for All Your BIB Needs

Whether you’re packaging wine, coffee, iced tea, or even syrup, we have a bag-in-box solution that’s perfect for you. We offer a wide range of custom options to suit any market need, including various colors, sizes, shapes, and amounts.

Regardless of whether you need a single spout or two, AstraPouch® has the ideal bag-in-box solution for your business. We have a full gamut of bag-in-box size options, ranging from 1.5 liter label-ready boxes to 18 liter custom-printed solutions - with every combination in between. Whether you need more boxes, more bags, or both, we’ll have them ready for you, no minimums and no hassle.

The best part? All of our BIB solutions are compatible with Astrofill® filling machines, making us the one-stop-shop for all your packaging solutions. Get everything you need to make the switch to BIB today.

The Benefits of AstraPouch®'s BIB Solutions

There are many technical benefits to bag-in-box solutions over traditional packaging. For instance, all AstraPouch® BIB bags are created from a strong film that is made to last while sealing and protecting the freshness of your product. By providing a greatly improved oxygen barrier over other loose films, it’s now possible to engage a wide range of global markets, delivering fresh products to remote locations. Plus, the spigot design enables a no-mess pour while still allowing consumers to get every last drop, giving them the most product for their dollar.

By using less packaging material that other rigid structures, bag-in-box options are often cheaper while still being just as fully branded and customized. And, because we offer both pre-printed and custom solutions, it's possible to use pre-printed BIB boxes with your existing adhesive labels, transitioning you smoothly into fully customized BIB products.