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Why keep around bulky boxes for laundry pods and space-consuming plastic containers for soaps and lotions when there are greener, more compact liquid packaging solutions? As one of the fastest growing segments in the packaging industry, flexible packaging combines the best qualities of plastic, cardboard, film, and aluminum foil to deliver a range of protective properties while employing a minimum of material. Given the overall lesser amount of material used per package, there is a reduction in discarded products headed to landfills. Plus, because flexible pouches and packaging are made using recyclable materials, fewer natural resources like water, light, and energy are used in making them.

No matter your particular needs, Astrapouch has a flexible packaging option designed to meet them. From label-ready pouches with no minimum order to full-color printed pouches of various sizes, your household products will be properly packaged and looking attractive. Pre-printed pouches are available anywhere from 200 milliliters to 3 liters, with custom printing available for sizes up to a gallon! Looking to go the bag-in-box route for your packaging needs? Get all necessary aspects like bags, kraft boxes, or custom printed boxes to ensure your product has the most visibility possible and stands out on the shelves.

Whether it takes the shape of a bag, pouch, or liner, flexible packaging can be applied to a range of consumer products to protect, market, and distribute them. Leading the revolution of packaging innovation, flexible packaging increases value and market presence for food and non-food products alike. From liquid detergent pouches to bags of lawn fertilizer, there continue to be new uses of flexible packaging in household non-consumables, applicable to soaps, lotions, and more. Barrier protection, ease of use, resealability, and enhanced print quality are all benefits enjoyed when employing flexible liquid packaging solutions. Billboard your brand on shelves and end caps and storefront displays like never before thanks to this innovative packaging process.