Custom Drink Pouches

One-of-a-kind packaging solutions designed to perfectly promote and protect your products.

From prototyping and production to printing and promotion, AstraPouch® delivers on-brand, on-budget solutions to complex packaging problems.

Designed With You In Mind

Instead of starting with a solution, we start with your needs. Then through requirement gathering, specification setting, researching, and prototyping, we create a custom solution that accomplishes your needs.

Frozen Juice Concentrate
Frey Farms reached out to AstraPouch® looking for a packaging solution for its new line of frozen fruit concentrates made from real fruit.

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Wine Fermentation
Global Vintners contacted AstraPouch® about crafting the perfect fermentation pouch to be added to their home winemaker’s kit.

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Emergency Relief Water
FEMA enlisted AstraPouch® to create an easy-to-carry water bag for hurricane relief teams to distribute to victims before or after a hurricane strike.

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Pourable Birdseed
Wild Birds Unlimited approached AstraPouch® about creating a bird seed pouch that would make filling bird feeders easier and mess-free.

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Cannabis Drink
A Colorado dispensary needed help from AstraPouch® in creating a high-quality, child-proof package to deliver cannabis-infused drinks to the local market.

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Let Our Products Be Your Canvas

Billboard your brand like never before. Apply custom artwork to your entire package through our vibrant, vivid process or spot printing and be sure your product will stand out on the shelf.

Minimum Order Quantities

  • 60,000 per SKU for 750ml and 1.0L pouches
  • 25,000 per SKU for 1.5L, 1.75L, 3L and 4L pouches
  • 2,500 per SKU for all BIB boxes
custom printed stand up pouches

Are you looking for custom drink packaging for your beverage or non-consumable products? AstraPouch® offers a wide selection of personalized products made to fit your individual requirements. Our knowledge goes beyond simple packaging; we work hard to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Trust AstraPouch® to help you create custom drink pouches for your products.

Your packaging speaks volumes about your brand. AstraPouch® not only packages your drinks but also amplifies your promotional efforts. Stand out on the shelves and in the minds of your consumers with custom drink packaging that demands attention.

Experience the AstraPouch® difference today and elevate your beverages to a new level of custom drink packaging. Your brand’s success story starts here.