cold brew coffee packaging solutions

Complete Cold Brew Coffee Packaging Solutions

Keep your cold brew coffee fresh, with sustainable packaging that preserves quality and extends shelf life. AstraPouch® lets consumers enjoy at home or on the go.

Convenient and eco-friendly, our cold-brew packaging offers the highest coffee-to-packaging ratio while chilling faster and staying fresher longer than traditional options.

  • Astromini® 187/200mL

    Astromini® 187/200mL

    $150.00$650.00 per case
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  • Astromini® 375mL

    $150.00$650.00 per case
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  • Astromini® 500mL

    $320.00 per case
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  • AstraPouch 750ml

    Astrapouch® 750mL Pouch

    $789.75 per case
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  • Astrapouch® 750mL To-Go Pouch

    Astrapouch® 750mL To-Go Pouch

    $316.95 per case
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  • Astrapouch® 1.5L “Paper” Pouch

    $789.99 per case
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  • AstraPouch 1.5L

    Astrapouch® 1.5L Pouch

    $525.00$636.00 per case
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  • Astrapouch® 1.5L Pouch Vineyard Series

    Sale! $260.00$700.00 per case
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Flexible Packaging for Cold Brew Coffee

Starbucks. Dunkin’. Nitro. Everyone's jumping on the cold-brew coffee wagon, so it’s important to stay competitive. AstraPouch®'s flexible packaging is the perfect solution for brewers looking to "wow" their customers and increase their sales. Whether you’re looking for label-ready or printed pouches, soft-packaging growlers, BIB bags and boxes, or custom solutions, we have the perfect package for your coffee.

Label-Ready & Pre-Printed Pouches
The fast, easy, and cost-effective solution for cold-brew coffee packaging. Apply your existing labels for instant branding—then fill, chill, and go! Available sizes: 187ml (6.3oz), 375ml (12.7oz), 750ml (25.4oz), 1.5L (50.7oz), 3.0L (101oz)

Bag-in-Box Supplies
Our bags and boxes come in a full range of quantities, sizes, and options. And they're in stock and ready to ship so we fulfill orders quickly and cost-effectively. (Bags and boxes sold separately.) Available sizes: 3.0L (101oz), 4.0L-5.0L (1gal-1.32gal), 9.0L (2.38gal), 10.0L (2.64gal), 18.0-20.L (4.75gal - 5.28gal)

To-Go Pouch
This soft-packaging growler—the first of its kind—is perfect for coffee shops and barista bars. It provides an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your cold brew flavors and blends—and to let your customers enjoy them at home, too! Available size: 1.5L (50.7gal)

Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Cold-Brew Coffee

AstraPouch® pouches and bag-in-box supplies offer many advantages over traditional packaging. First, they’re more environmentally friendly. Replace heavy glass bottles and bulky bag-in-box packaging with lightweight, durable, eco-friendly pouches that offer an 80% reduced carbon footprint. For every empty glass bottle, you can ship 10 empty pouches.

There are also unmatched technical benefits to the design of our pouches. Our revolutionary spigot design keeps beverages fresher for up to a month after opening, so you can sell in bulk and never have to worry about your coffee going bad.

Flexible packaging and pouches for cold brew also help you expand your marketing reach and appeal thanks to full-color pouch printing. Gone are the days of your label on a bottle, now the entire surface is your billboard! Effectively brand your products and increase sales with AstraPouch® cold brew coffee packaging solutions.