flexible packaging for wine and spirits

So Much Better Than Bottles

Astrapouch® pouches are easy to carry and enjoy on the go. Their unique design helps beverages cool faster and stay fresher longer.

Designed with the drinker in mind! From smarter spigots for easier dispensing to sustainable materials for a longer shelf life and a cooler beverage, flexible packaging is the wine & spirits future.

  • Astrobag® BIB Box- 18L / 20L / 5 Gallon

    $198.00 per case
    (BIB Bags & Boxes Sold Separately)
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  • Astromini® 187/200mL

    Astromini® 187/200mL

    $150.00$650.00 per case
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  • Astromini® 375mL

    $150.00$650.00 per case
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  • Astromini® 500mL

    $320.00 per case
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  • AstraPouch 750ml

    Astrapouch® 750mL Pouch

    $789.75 per case
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  • Astrapouch® 750mL To-Go Pouch

    Astrapouch® 750mL To-Go Pouch

    $316.95 per case
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  • Astrapouch® 1.5L “Paper” Pouch

    $789.99 per case
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  • AstraPouch 1.5L

    Astrapouch® 1.5L Pouch

    $525.00$636.00 per case
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Flexible Packaging for Wines & Spirits

The Astrapouch® and Astromini® pouches represent the latest advancements in flexible and sustainable packaging for the wine and spirits industry. Gone are the days of bulky glass bottles thanks to flexible packaging’s ability to effectively and efficiently store, transport and market your product better than ever before. 

Whatever your needs, AstraPouch® has a flexible wine and spirits packaging solution perfectly designed to meet them. From label-ready pouches with no minimum order to full-color printed pouches of various sizes, your beverage will be properly packaged and looking attractive. Pre-printed pouches are available in sizes from 187 milliliters to 1.75 liters, with custom printing available for any size. We also offer bag-in-box solutions for wine, spirits and slushies, including all aspects of the entire assembly. Get bags, kraft boxes, or custom printed boxes to ensure your product has the most visibility possible and stands out on the shelves.

Why Choose Flexible Wine & Spirits Packaging?

If you've not yet jumped on the bagged wine and spirits  bandwagon, what are you waiting for? Pouches and bag-in-box supplies are the perfect packaging solution for wines and spirits because they're easy to carry; their unique design keeps cold beverages colder for longer, and their spigot allows for smarter dispensing and a longer shelf life. There are so many reasons to make the switch to flexible packaging:

  • Environmental: Reduce your carbon footprint by 80% when you replace heavy glass or plastic bottles with lightweight, durable, eco-friendly pouches. You can ship 10 empty pouches for every 1 empty glass bottle!
  • Marketing: Utilize the entire surface of the pouch or box for an unparalleled opportunity for you to billboard your brand on shelves.
  • Technical: The smart nozzle in our pouches and BIB bags keeps beverages fresh and tasty for up to four weeks after opening.

Don't sell your consumers short; give them a better experience with flexible packaging!