A Filling Solution to Meet Every Need

Small to large and just about everything in between. Let our filling solutions take your business to the next level.

From hand filling stands to automated machines, AstraPouch® offers a full range of high quality, affordable, and dependable fillers.

Filling Services

Our rental program and co-packing network services allow you to get your product in-market with minimal—or even no—capital investment.

Equipment Rental

We offer an affordable filling solution in the AstraPouch® mobile pouching trailer, equipped with the Astrofill® 3000 semi-automatic filling station. The trailer is currently available for rental in NY, OH, and PA, but will soon be available on the west coast, too.

Co-Packing Services

Our experienced winemakers and logistics professionals will manage your brand launch from A to Z with complete co-packing services and expertise that is second to none. If you aren’t equipped with a bag-in-box filler or are simply not sure you want to invest in filling equipment before you see how the Astrapouch® performs, then let us match you up with one of our approved co-packers located on the west or east coast.

Manual Filling Stands to Automated Filling Machines

AstraPouch® has a full range of high-quality, affordable, and dependable pouch fillers. The process is fast, easy, and efficient; in just a few steps you can be assured that your product packaging process will be completed and delivered, meeting or exceeding yours and customers’ expectations. 

We offer a variety of machines to help ensure your product is packaged appropriately and all steps accounted for. Even if your pouches require extra items, like a twist-off lid or attached straw, AstraPouch® has a filler with the necessary accessories to package it perfectly. Precision-fill your pouches according to your specifications so you are always achieving optimal ROI, from mini pouches to nine liter bulk reservoirs.

The Precision Filling Machines You Need

From our Astrofill® 100 for hand filling to our Astrofill® 4000 for semi-automatic filling, we have the ideal machine for your businesses’ needs. Go at your own pace or secure a high-volume filler capable of filling dozens of pouches a minute. All of our fillers offer outstanding dependability, reduce operator fatigue, provide consistent fill volumes, and feature superior cap integrity. Achieve perfect accuracy within a 0.05-1% tolerance level each and every time you run your pouch filler and sealer. 

You can even add diaphragm pumps, balance tank supply systems, steam sterilization, and other conversion heads/units to your machine to ensure it fits your changing organizational needs. After the up-front investment in an Astrofill® system, you will see monetary and quality return almost instantly.