flexible packaging for wine and spirits

To-Go Drink Containers from AstraPouch®

Our takeout beverage packaging solutions let you meet your customers where they are—on-site, at home, or on the go—so you can fulfill sales & stay profitable.

Guidance from many State Liquor Authorities now allows for any liquor license holder or producer to sell alcohol for takeout or delivery with the purchase of food.

Shop our take-out beverage pouches and bag-in-box options to keep your sales flowing.

AstraPouch® To-Go

AstraPouch®’s To-Go Series of pouches and bag-in-box solutions are the ideal takeout beverage packaging that makes it easy for any brewery, coffee shop, winery, or restaurant to sell alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages for their customers to enjoy at home.

These take-out beverage products feature an easy-fill top for quick, mess-free filling and a tamper-proof cap designed for freshness and safety. They’re the perfect solution for contact-free sharing of your beverage takeout orders.

Clean, sterile, and low cost, our To-Go products are in stock and ready to ship for quick delivery.

Why Choose AstraPouch® Takeout Beverage Packaging?

  • Tear-resistant, lightweight packaging is ideal for Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub delivery
  • Grab-and-go or finger-hole handles allows for maximum portability and easy drink dispensing
  • One-way tap (on some models) prevents contamination, keeping beverages fresher, longer
  • Tamper-proof cap provides a complete seal for delivery regulations compliance
  • Space-saving pouches & bags are made flat and remain flat until filling
  • Easy-to-fill design lets you offer diverse beverage selections
Takeout Beverage Packaging

Note: AstraPouch® takeout beverage packaging is not generally recommended for carbonated products. If you are using an Astrapouch® or Astrobag® for delivery of carbonated beverages such as tap beer or fountain soda, keep it cold and advise buyers to consume it right away.