Pouch Printing

Full-color printing solutions designed to create custom pouch bags that will wow customers and increase sales.


When Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards first began its foray into flexible packaging, they started small with only 5,000 units of pre-printed pouches that paired with their existing wine bottle labels. After they began to see a substantial increase in sales, it was time to make the leap to fully customized pouches and BIB packaging. Their Red Cat wine is the ultimate pouch wine solution, effectively marketing the iconic brand while giving consumers a mess-free, long-lasting, and quick-chilling package.

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Hoop Tea

Born on the beach, Hoop Tea is an alcoholic tea made to be enjoyed without worrying about unwanted sand contamination or spills from unsteady hands. Flexible packaging was the perfect introduction of this tasty brand, letting consumers enjoy the benefits of a contamination-free film, a no-mess spigot, and easy to carry handholds. Hoop Tea started strong with full-color pouches, splashing their brand across shelves with an eye-catching custom-printed product.

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Sweet tea is a Southern staple, but restaurants were struggling with bulky plastic jugs that were space-consuming and visually unappealing. Lipton capitalized on the take-out market by partnering with AstraPouch® to create a classically branded, full-color 1-gallon flexible package. Equipped with an easy-fill spout, anti-contamination spigot, and durable handholds, the switch to flexible brought Lipton exceptional success and increased brand recognition while offering a more convenient and sustainable product to consumers. 

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Cold Brewtus

For niche cold brew coffee maker Cold Brewtus, flexible packaging offered an unparalleled opportunity to effectively billboard their brand like none other. Featuring the classic bulldog pout Cold Brewtus is known for, these pouches offered customary AstraPouch® advantages customers love. The no-mess, one-way spigot offered a precise pour and ensured no oxygen entered the product, substantially extending the opened shelf life of the cold brew. Plus, the quick-chilling technology truly made it easier to enjoy on the go.

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Unique Wine & Spirits

Personalized Short Runs

Based on the number of colors and nature of your design, we may also recommend digital printing for your personalized pouches or customized BIB solutions. Digital can go beyond the capabilities of traditional printing to utilize aspects such as variable content printing and hyper-customization. Plus, because digital printing enables short runs, you have more freedom to experiment with designs and packaging formats.

Flexible Packaging for Cold-Brew


AstraPouch® offers full prototyping capability. In as quickly as 5 days, we can create a full, real-functioning Astrapouch® featuring your artwork. You will be able to touch and feel in 3D what your design will look like on the Astrapouch®. Several customers have found this to be an effective way to “sell in” the concept both internally and externally. Contact us to learn more.

AstraPouch® allows its consumers to explore all sorts of pouch printing and custom pouch packaging. Our expertise lies in transforming ordinary packaging into extraordinary branding canvases. Whether you’re aiming to captivate customers, tell your brand’s story, or simply stand out on the shelves, our pouch printing services have you covered.

Unveil the magic of pouch printing and custom pouch packaging with AstraPouch®. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that your brand takes center stage. Discover the fusion of creativity and functionality in packaging that’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.