wine pouch packaging

Drink Outside the Box

The Astrapouch® and Astromini® pouches mark the latest innovation in flexible and eco-friendly packaging for all liquid consumables.

By pairing pouch design with functional, innovative concepts and superior quality, AstraPouch® pouch solutions optimize the relationship between packaging and product.

  • Astromini® 187/200mL

    Astromini® 187/200mL

    $150.00$650.00 per case
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  • Astromini® 375mL

    $150.00$650.00 per case
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  • Astromini® 500mL

    $239.99$699.99 per case
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  • AstraPouch 750ml

    Astrapouch® 750mL Pouch

    $789.75 per case
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  • Astrapouch® 750mL To-Go Pouch

    Astrapouch® 750mL To-Go Pouch

    $316.95 per case
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  • AstraPouch 1.5L

    Astrapouch® 1.5L Pouch

    $525.00$636.00 per case
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  • Astrapouch® 1.5L Pouch Vineyard Series

    Sale! $260.00$400.00 per case
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  • Astrapouch® 1.5L Sangria and Fruit Pouch

    Sale! $300.00 per case
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Flexible Pouches for Liquid Products

Looking to transition away from traditional bottles or cartons into a more sustainable packaging option? With AstraPouch®, it’s easy. Our label-ready and custom-printed pouches come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 187 milliliters to 4 liters. From mouthwash to olive oil, AstraPouch® has a product to meet your needs. 

With their large, flat structure, Astrapouches provide a complete-package marketing opportunity that allows products of all sizes to be packaged safely, hygienically, and, most importantly, attractively. Pouches offer a hygienic seal, and clean design ensures freshness and security of the item inside. Plus, all Astrapouch® pouches are made from recycled, lightweight and durable materials that offer an 80% reduced carbon footprint when compared to heavy glass bottles or bulkier bag-in-box packaging options.

Label-Ready, Pre-Printed & Custom Solutions

AstraPouch® continues to innovate and revolutionize the flexible packaging industry for products of all kinds. Never before has there been a pouch so customizable, so marketable, or so profitable.

Label-Ready Pouches
AstraPouch®’s adhesive label stand-up pouches are the perfect solution to attractively package your product. With no minimum order, you’ll be able to make the switch to flexible, sustainable packaging more quickly than ever. Our eco friendly drink packaging options provide an affordable canvas for your brand's story.

Pre-Printed Pouches
The Astrapouch® & Astromini® eco friendly pouches are your canvas. Billboard your brand like never before by applying your beautiful artwork, logos, and imagery to our packages.

Custom Pouches
You can more effectively brand your products in stores and on shelves if you have the option to utilize eco friendly pouches printed with your own design. Create a custom package that matches your current labels, or create your own original printed design. Take your liquid packaging to the next level with our custom pouches today.