Complete Cold-Brew Coffee
Packaging Solutions

  • Durable, convenient and eco-friendly
  • Fridge-friendly and quick-chilling
  • Contents stay fresh for up to 4 weeks once opened

To Go Pouch This soft-packaging growler—the first of its kind—is perfect for coffee shops and barista bars. It provides an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your cold brew flavors and blends—and to let your customers enjoy them at home, too!

Available size: 1.5 L/50.7 oz.

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AstroPaq Pouches
AstroPaq Pouches


Billboard your brand effectively and affordably. Our full-color pouch printing results in beautiful, lightweight packaging that makes a big splash.

Available sizes: 187 ml/6.3 oz., 375 ml/12.7 oz.,
750 ml/25.4 oz., 1.5 L/50.7 oz.*,
1.75 L/59 oz., 3.0L /101 oz.

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The fast, easy and cost-effective solution for cold-brew coffee packaging. Apply your existing labels for instant branding—then fill, chill, and go!

Available sizes: 187 ml/6.3 oz., 375 ml/12.7 oz., 750 ml/25.4 oz., 1.5 L/50.7 oz., 3.0L /101 oz.

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AstroPaq Pouches
AstroPaq Pouches


Our bags and boxes come in a full range of quantities, sizes and options. And they’re in stock and ready to ship so we fulfill orders quickly and cost-effectively. Bags and boxes sold separately.

Available sizes: 3.0 L/101 oz., 4.0 L/1 gal (can hold up to 5.0 L/1.32 gal), 9.0 L/2.38 gal, 10.0 L/2.64 gal, 18.0 L/4.75 gal (can hold up to 20 L/5.28 gal)

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*Minimum order on 1.5L printed pouches is 3,600

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