V-Pull Dynamic Dispense Connector


The V-Pull Dispense Connector is a specialty, reusable quick connect fitting that is placed over V-Pull & ViTop dispensers and twisted to change dispensers from an actuated flow system to a constant flow gravity or pump out bag system. It accepts a 3/8″ hose and is designed for on premise dispense systems. Use where dispense system is dynamic or moving, where tension or force may be exerted on the connector body.

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V-Pull Dispense Connector Pricing:

2 pieces: $29.95 for package
10 pieces: $124.95 for package
100 pieces: $1049.50 for package
1000 pieces: Call for Quote

If your system is static or non-moving, you need this connector instead.

Additional information

# of Pieces in Package

2, 10, 100