Astrofill® HT1

Semi-Automatic Filling

The Astrofill® HT1 is a semi-automatic filler that has been designed to fill a wide range of products in bag and in box.

The machine is prepared to fill single bags from 1.5L to 20L and is suitable for most of the the taps and valves used in the market.

The Astrofill® HT1 is programmed to make an air vacuum before filling and an injection of nitrogen or any other inert gas before capping.

The start, uncapping and capping is done automatically.

For use with: AstraPouch® BIB bags 1.5L to 20L sizes and all Astrapouches from 750mL to 4L

8-10 week build time.

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    • Minimal maintenance with a stainless steel structure
    • CE certification
    • Electromagnetic flowmeter
    • Easy settings and adjustments with a Programmable PLC
    • Automatic CIP
    • Automatic air vacuum before filling
    • Automatic N2 injection before capping
    • Auto feed advances to the next bag after filling
    • Web(ribbon) fed or single (individual) filling capable

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Filling, Semiautomated


BIB Bags, Pouches

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