AstroPaq 1.5L

Tap into new markets and demographics

Astrapouch┬« introduces the first-of-its-kind retail or take-out Slushy Pouch. The 1.5L Slushy Pouch holds the equivalent of two 750 mL glass bottles and can be placed in freezer and frozen solid. Many people use the frozen Slushy Pouch as an ice block in the cooler until it’s soft enough to drink! Whether as a take-out pouch from the winery tasting room or as a pre-mixed blend to be frozen at home, the Astrapouch┬« Slushy Pouch squeezes out a perfectly delicious slushy drink through its 1″ spout.

Here are a few ways you might market the Astrapouch® Slushy Pouch:

  • Pre-made, ready-to-freeze slushy drink sold out of the tasting room for the customer to bring home, freeze, and consume.
  • Used as a take-out pouch and filled at the tasting room from your slushy machine.
  • Sold as part of a Slushy Kit containing slushy powder mix, two 750ml bottles of wine, and the Slushy Pouch.
  • Branded ready-to-drink (RTD) frozen slushy sold at the winery for consumption on- or off-premise.


1-2 boxes: $700 each
3-6 boxes: $640 each
7-12 boxes: $580 each

Count: 400 pouches per box

If you thought you were selling a lot of slushies now, watch out—your revenues are about to explode.

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 13 in

White, Black

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