$338.00 $240.00

AstroPaq 1.5L Wine Growler

The 1st and Only Flexible Growler

AstraPouch® is proud to introduce the first flexible-packaging growler! Perfect for coffee shops, wine bars and tastings rooms, the To Go pouch features the same sturdy construction, recyclable materials, and high quality tap dispensers you count on in all AstroPaq® pouches.



Why Choose AstroPaq® 1.5L Flexible Wine Growler?

  • Fills easily through wide-mouth cap— no fixture needed
  • Stays fresh—5x longer shelf-life once opened than in glass growlers
  • Saves space—flat pouches take up 1/4 the space of glass growlers
  • Costs less—$2.82 each vs. $5.00 each for glass growlers
  • Fully customizable—can be preprinted, labeled, or hand-written
  • Versatile—ideal for wine, spirits, slushies, cold brew coffee and more!

1.5L Wine Growler Pricing:

1-2 boxes: $338 $240 each
3-6 boxes: $318 $240 each
7-12 boxes: $298 $240 each

Count: 120 growlers per box

NOTE: The AstroPaq® Flexible Wine Growler cannot be used for carbonated beverages; use with still beverages only. Not intended for long-term storage of beverages. Patent pending. Tamper evident cap available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 10 in