AstroPaq 1.5L Wine Growler

Tap into new markets and demographics

Astrapouch® introduces the first-of-its-kind Sangria Growler. The 1.5L pouch holds the equivalent of two 750 mL glass bottles and is easy to use—and easy to enjoy! If you’re serving sangria at your tasting room, bar, or restaurant, you need to consider the Astrapouch® Sangria Growler.

Why choose the Astrapouch® 1.5L Sangria Growler:

  • Customizable: Apply your label to the flat pouch before filling.
  • Easy-filling: Fill through the 1” opening at top directly from your tap system or by hand using the Astrofill® 900 filling system.
  • Long-lasting: Sangria stays fresh for 3-4 weeks once open, thanks to the one-way tap at the bottom that prevents oxygen from entering.
  • To stay or to go: The pilfer-proof, tamper-evident cap allows you to safely sell the pouch for home consumption.
  • Reusable & refillable: Simply rinse with hot water and sterilize with a sanitizer or by pouring ¼ cup of vodka into the pouch, swishing around, and draining through the bottom tap.


1-2 boxes: $218.75 each
3-6 boxes: $200.00 each
7-12 boxes: $181.25 each

Count: 125 pouches per box

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 13 in

White, Black

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