Astrofill® Easy Start ARM

Semi-Automatic Filling

The Astrofill® Easy Start ARM is a simple, fast and easy to use semi-automatic filler. Compact, with a stainless steel structure, with wheels and plate for support boxes while conditioning. Equipped with an electromagnetic counter and a centrifugal pump. It can uncap, fill and recap with a simple arm motion

The cap is removed with the 4 cap teeth and the user rotates the fill head into place and pushes a button to start filling. At the end of the cycle, the filler makes a nitrogen injection. Once filling is completed, the user places rotates the arm back onto the neck of the bag and the pulls down on the arm to make the final closure.

For use with: AstraPouch® BIB bags 1.5L to 20L sizes and all Astrapouches from 750mL to 4L

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  • Minimal maintenance with a stainless steel structure
  • CE homologation
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Easy settings and adjustments with a Programmable PLC
  • Automatic CIP
  • Automatic air vacuum before filling
  • Automatic N2 injection before capping

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Filling, Semiautomated


BIB Bags, Pouches

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