Astrofill® 140

Semi-Automatic Filling

A purpose-built, high-speed filling machine manufactured entirely in-house; fills up to eight 1.5L pouches per minute.

For use with: AstraPouch® BIB bags and Astrapouches from 750mL to 20L

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  • Standard 1″ turbine flow meter
  • Stainless steel design and floor stand
  • CIP capable (hot water only)
  • PLC control with touch-screen interface
  • Nitrogen injection system
  • Fills 3-4 pouches per minute
  • LowDO2™ specialized low oxygen filling
  • Drip control feature
  • Nitrogen purge, vacuum and post purge system
  • One-day factory install and training

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Filling, Semiautomated


BIB Bags, Pouches

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The best pouch filler for the money; fills pouches and bags to within 1% accuracy time and time again.