Astrobag® 55 Gallon Drum Liner with 2″ Screw Cap

$379.00 per case
(BIB Bags & Boxes Sold Separately)

Large and In Charge

Perfect for any bulk application, AstraPouch®’s 55 Gallon Drum Liners are durable and convenient for transport and storage. The quadruple barrier liner makes them ideal for holding wine, juice, coffee, or any other liquid that needs excellent protection against oxygen.

Note: The Astrobag® 55 Gallon Drum Liner with 2″ Screw Cap is intended to be fitted to a 55 gallon drum before filling. It is not intended to function as a load-bearing component within the package that contains it.

Count: 25 bags per case


Why choose Astrobag® 55 Gallon Drum Liner:

  • State-of-the-art engineering and materials
  • Screw cap for easy filling and contamination protection
  • High barrier protection for low acid, oxygen sensitive products
  • Long lasting and durable

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Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Tea, Juice, Lemonade, Oil, Spirits, Water, Wine