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  • Reusable Dual Spout BIB Bag 3.0L

    Reusable Dual Spout BIB Bag 3L

    $523.89 per case
    (BIB Bags & Boxes Sold Separately)
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With consumer demand for to-go beverages increasing across the industry, it is imperative to meet customers where they’re at. Our takeout beverage packaging solutions let you get your products to your customers on-site, at home, or on the go, allowing you to get more sales while saving money. AstraPouch®’s To-Go Series of pouches and bag-in-box solutions are the ideal takeout beverage packaging that makes it easy for any brewery, coffee shop, winery, pub house, or restaurant to sell alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages for their customers to enjoy when and where they want.

These take-out beverage products feature an easy-fill top for quick, mess-free filling and a tamper-proof cap designed for freshness and safety. They are the perfect solution for contact-free sharing of your beverage takeout orders. Clean, sterile, and low-cost, we have a wide variety of To-Go products in stock and ready to ship for quick delivery. 

Why are more and more businesses choosing AstraPouch®’s takeout beverage packaging? Our solutions are tear-resistant, lightweight, and feature either grab-and-go or finger-hole handles, making them the ideal solution for meal delivery services and allowing for maximum portability. One-way taps (on some models) prevent contamination, keeping beverages fresher, longer. What’s more, they meet all alcohol delivery regulations with a tamper-proof cap that provides a complete seal. Whether you are after sangria growlers, beer to-go pouches, or complete bag-in-box solutions, AstraPouch® has the perfect takeout beverage packaging to meet your unique needs.

In addition, since all AstraPouch® pouches are flat until filled, businesses are saving space that was otherwise being taken up by bulkier distribution methods. And, because our packaging solutions can be recycled after use, or washed out and reused, you are reducing your carbon footprint by 80-85% compared to glass containers. Keep your product, and your sales, flowing with easy-to-use takeout beverage packaging solutions from AstraPouch®.