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  • StarterKit 1.5L

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Whether you are packaging wine, coffee, iced tea, or even syrup, we have bag-in-box starter kits that are perfect for your needs. We offer a wide range of custom options to suit any market need, with various size and color options to choose from. Our bag-in-box starter kits are available in three sizes: 750ml, 1.5L, or 3L. All three options are available in either black or white, with the 1.5L bag offering additional design choices — perfect for vineyards, cold brew, or sangria makers. AstraPouch®’s bag-in-box starter kits are a great way to get your product out the door so you can start selling or make great promo material if you are simply sharing your products with friends to help establish your brand. All of our bag-in-box starter kits come with everything you need to get going.

There are many technical benefits to bag-in-box solutions over traditional packaging. For instance, all pouches in our bag-in-box starter kits are created from a strong film that is made to last while sealing and protecting the freshness of your product. AstraPouch® enables you to ship your product all over the world thanks to innovative products with an improved oxygen barrier that other packaging solutions can’t match. Plus, the spigot design enables a no-mess pour while still allowing consumers to get every last drop, giving them the most product for their dollar. 

By using less packaging material than other rigid structures, bag-in-box options are often cheaper while still being fully branded and customized. Because we offer both pre-printed and custom solutions, it is possible to use pre-printed bag-in-box solutions with your existing adhesive labels, helping you transition smoothly into fully customized bag-in-box products.

All of our bag-in-box solutions are compatible with Astrofill® filling machines, making us the one-stop shop for all your packaging solutions. To use the filling fixture at home or at your business, simply insert a pouch into the stand and remove the spigot. Pull apart the front and back of the pouch to make room for your liquid and start filling. Once the pouch is full, simply pop the spigot back on the pouch until it snaps into place. You are now ready to transport your products in an easy-to-use, recyclable pouch that is perfect for friends and family, or for small businesses.