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  • Astrobag® High-Flow BIB Bag 10L

    $687.50 per case
    (BIB Bags & Boxes Sold Separately)
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  • Astrapouch® 64oz Beer Growler Pouch

    Astrapouch® 64oz Amber Beer Growler

    $75.00$396.00 per case
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  • Astrapouch® 64oz Beer Growler Pouch

    Astrapouch® 64oz Clear Beer To-Go Pouch

    $320.00 per case
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  • Vented Pressure-Regulated Screw Cap

    Vented Pressure-Regulated Screw Cap

    $50.00 per case
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Showing all 4 results

When it comes to specialty flexible packaging options, AstraPouch® has you covered. For years glass has been the go-to delivery vehicle for beer and other carbonated beverages. Now, thanks to advances in flexible beer bag packaging technology, there are better options. AstraPouch® is proud to introduce a specialty growler bag that is perfect for microbreweries, brew-pubs, restaurants, and more. Available in both clear and dark amber options, and containing a vented pressure-regulated screw cap, these specialty flexible packaging choices preserve the quality of your product.

Breweries benefit from making the switch to beer bags with a cheaper cost per 64oz than glass growlers, and all of our bags come with the standard growler-size opening at the top for easy filling and a clear fill line to know exactly when the bag is full, eliminating the guesswork. And, if space is limited, one case of flat pouches is the product equivalent of one to two pallets of glass growlers, clearing room for other needs. Consumers also benefit from the switch to specialty flexible packaging because the cutting-edge technology allows your beer to stay fresher, longer. In addition, flexible beer bags can go where glass containers can not, like the beach, sporting events, or anywhere else where glass isn’t allowed.

Breweries are not the only ones benefiting from advances in specialty flexible packaging either. AstraPouch® now has single shot pouches with child-resistant closures, perfect for CBD or THC dispensaries, medicine makers, or any other business that creates a liquid consumable product not suitable for children.

If you are looking for something truly special, let us know, as our custom-made pouches offer a one-of-a-kind packaging solution designed to perfectly promote and protect your products. We are here to help increase your sales and streamline your processes.