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You don’t have to be a kid to love the juice box concept. There’s something about poking a straw into a pouch that is reminiscent of childhood and, thanks to the rise of flexible packaging, that feeling can be obtained for more than just CapriSun. From iced tea and lemonade to simple juices and water, all non-alcoholic beverages can benefit from leveraging the best beverage packaging available on the market today – flexible films, pouches, bags, and more! Some people love flexible packaging because it’s easy to carry. Others enjoy the unique design that keeps cold beverages colder for longer. No matter what your reason is for making the switch to flexible, you’ll get to enjoy countless benefits.

No matter your particular needs, Astrapouch has a flexible option for beverage packaging perfectly designed to meet them. From label-ready pouches with no minimum order to full-color printed pouches of various sizes, your lemonade, water, or tea will be properly packaged and looking attractive. Pre-printed pouches are available anywhere from 200 milliliters to 3 liters, with custom printing available for sizes up to a gallon! We even offer specialty packages/printing for slushies, juices, an any other beverages that are ready-to-consume directly from the individual pouches. Looking to go the bag-in-box route for your packaging needs? Get all necessary aspects like bags, kraft boxes, or custom printed boxes to ensure your product has the most visibility possible and stands out on the shelves.

There are undeniable advantages of flexible packaging that easily make it the best beverage packaging available on the market today. First off, they’re more environmentally friendly. Replace heavy glass bottles and bulky bag-in-box packaging with lightweight, durable, eco-friendly pouches that offer an 80% reduced carbon footprint. For every empty glass bottle, you can ship 10 empty pouches. Then, think of the marketing benefits! Sure, you can slap a label on a bottle, but with a pouch, the entire structure offers a marketing opportunity that allows you to billboard your brand like never before. The entire package is for you, not just the 30% where the label sits. Lastly, the technical benefits provide a great advantage over other forms. For larger quantities, our spigot smart nozzle keeps beverages fresher for up to a month after opening – you don’t even have to do anything to make your product last longer. With pouches, the hygienic seal and clean design ensures freshness and security.