Wild Birds Unlimited


Wild Birds Unlimited approached AstraPouch® about creating a bird seed pouch that could easily refill bird seed feeders.


Wild Birds Unlimited needed the solution to:

  • Have a resealable closure to keep excess feed clean and dry
  • Resist animals’ attempts at ripping/clawing/tearing it open
  • Show buyers the amount of seed left in the bag after filling


AstraPouch® created an 8lb bird seed pouch with a built-in viewing window and resealable twist-off pour cap. The easy-pour spout ensures that no seed is spilt while filling feeders and negates the need for scoopers or funnels. Extra-strength laminate film was used to deter any potential hungry critters.



  • Increased sales by 25%
  • Reduced returns by 5% thanks to the no touch, no mess spout
  • Created a better user experience and improved customer satisfaction

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