Global Vintners


Global Vintners contacted AstraPouch® about crafting the perfect fermentation pouch to be added to their home winemaker’s kit.


Global Vintners needed a solution that could:

  • Be included in the kit without increasing the size of the box
  • Handle the pressure that would be amassed during fermentation
  • Allow the home winemaker to see fermentation progress
  • Remain upright without sagging or falling over


AstraPouch® made a clear, curved-bottom 5L stand-up pouch with spill-free racking tap and a top venting cap to allow building CO2 gas to escape. The materials were strong but not rigid, allowing it to fold into the existing kit box without increasing size.


  • Increased kit sales by 20%
  • Improved customer experience and overall satisfaction with the kit
  • Gave Global Vintners a competitive advantage in the home winemaking market

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