Frey Farms


Frey Farms reached out to AstraPouch® looking for a packaging solution for Sarah’s Homegrown Aguas Frescas, a new line of frozen fruit concentrates made from real fruit and home-grown ingredients.


It was important to Frey Farms that the solution would:

  • Withstand frozen conditions, including freezing and thawing
  • Be environmentally friendly, to complement the product’s all-natural ingredients
  • Entice customers into purchasing a new product
  • Save space in the retail frozen section


AstraPouch® created a freezable and thawable dual-fitment pouch with custom printing. The pouches were able to be filled with concentrate by traditional, automatic BIB filling equipment for high-volume efficiency and later hand-filled by consumers at home to create the final product.


  • Decreased shipping costs by $10,000 through elimination of water
  • 50% more product by volume on retail shelf
  • Improved customer experience: easier to fill and dispense
  • Increased brand equity through premium, eye-catching printed package

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