Technical Advantages

What makes AstroPaq® so revolutionary? Its innovative design and endless advantages. It’s durable, fast-cooling, and contains a smarter nozzle, eliminating the threat of oxidation.

And the best part? It’s green.

With an 80% reduced carbon footprint over glass bottles, the AstroPaq® is not only efficient in the way it maintains and preserves the integrity of the products it holds, but also in its ability to be friendly to the earth.

What's in it for your?

  • Chills fast, 14 minutes in AstroPaq® vs. 40 minutes in glass, using less energy
  • Resealable and stays fresh for up to one month after opening
  • 80% smaller carbon footprint than two bottles of wine
  • 1 truck load of empty AstroPaq® pouches is equal to 14 truckloads of empty glass bottles
  • Only 2% packaging by weight
  • No cork contamination
  • Avoids “no glass at the beach” rule

Patented Double Gusset

The uniquely patented double gusset design sets AstroPaq® apart from any other flexible packaging alternative. Patented under US patent law, (2008) AstroPaq® is the only flexible packaging solution that stands up straight and flat, allowing every label to remain completely visible and intact. Consumers love it because it’s easy to use, and you’ll love it because it will “billboard your brand” in a new and exciting way.