Q: How are the AstroPaq® pouches filled?

A: You can fill the AstroPaq® pouches in one of five ways:

  1. 1. By hand with our AstroFill® 100 filler stand
  2. 2. Using any semi-automatic bag-in-box filler (change parts may be required)
  3. 3. Purchasing a purpose-built AstroFill® unit from AstraPouch®
  4. 4. Renting the AstraPouch® mobile pouching trailer equipped with an AstroFill® 3000 unit (currently only available in NY, OH, and PA)
  5. 5. Using our approved AstraPouch® network for co-packing services (25,000 unit minimum)

Q: Will my current bag-in-box machine fill the pouch?

A: Generally, yes—but you will likely require some minor tooling changes. Contact us with the specific make and model of your machine, and we will provide you with the details.

Q: Can AstraPouch® handle filling for my product?

A: Yes. We can co-pack your product using our approved AstraPouch® co-pack network.

Q: Can I put carbonated beverages in the AstroPaq®?

A: Unfortunately, no. Flexible packaging cannot typically be used for highly carbonated beverages.

Q: Can you send me samples of the AstroPaq®?

A: We offer Starter Kits, which are the best way to try out the AstroPaq®. They’re only $49.95, and they come in three different sizes: 750ml, 1.5L, and 3.0L. Learn more here.

Q: What kind of labels should I use on the Label-Ready AstroPaq®? How should I apply them?

A: We recommend using your regular self-adhesive acetate label; apply it by hand before filling the pouch. You can view examples in our showcase.

Q: Is there a cost to print the Pre-Printed AstroPaq®?

A: Print origination charges vary based on artwork and order quantity. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What is the order minimum?

A: There is no minimum order for our Label-Ready AstroPaq® pouches. For Pre-Printed AstroPaq® pouches, the minimum order quantity is 3,600 per SKU for 1.5L, 5,000 per SKU for 3L, and 25,000 per SKU for 750ml, 1.0L and 1.75L. Please contact us for additional information.

Q: What is the delivery cycle time?

A: Pouches are manufactured in the USA. Delivery on first-time orders of Pre-Printed pouches is typically 8–10 weeks following final approval of artwork; repeat orders can be delivered in 6–8 weeks.

Q: Can I get a mock-up of a Pre-Printed AstroPaq® with my artwork before making a final purchasing decision?

A: Absolutely! AstraPouch® has full prototype capability; in as quickly as 5 days, we can create a full, real-functioning AstroPaq® with your art on the pouch. Several customers have found this to be an effective way to “sell in” the concept both internal and externally. Contact us to learn more.

Q: What is the reduction in carbon footprint for AstraPouch® products compared to glass bottles?

A: AstraPouch® products provide an audited 80% reduction in carbon footprint versus the equivalent volume of glass.

Q: How much does the AstroPaq® cost compared to glass?

A: For the small- to medium-sized winery, AstroPaq® products are on price parity to fully dressed glass bottles (bottle, labels, cork and capsule) on a volume equivalent.

Q: What can you tell me about the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) as they relate to AstraPouch® products?

A: Reduce: The AstroPaq® 1.5L weighs 38 grams, versus 800 grams of an equivalent volume glass bottle.

Reuse: In many countries, mixed plastics are shredded and reused as additives in the manufacture of plastic pallets, plastic woods, and non-cosmetic plastic auto parts.

Recycle: AstroPaq® pouches can be recycled as code 7 mixed plastics in municipalities that accept mixed plastics.

Q: Does the AstroPaq® weight savings translate to logistics savings?

A: Absolutely! Savings can be found in both incoming and outgoing logistics. One truck of empty AstroPaq® pouches in equivalent to 14 trucks of glass bottles. The filled AstroPaq® 1.5L case is 33% lighter than an equivalent glass case, thus allowing more cases to ship in an outbound truck.

Q: Can you make other shapes of pouches?

A: Yes, we can make custom-shaped pouches. However, there are some difficulties in creating large-capacity custom pouches, as they may not look the same filled as unfilled. Contact us to discuss in further detail.

Q: How do I get started?

A: If you’d like to use your own labels on our Label-Ready AstroPaq® pouches, you can purchase them right from this website! Click on Starter Kits or Pouches to view your options. If you’re interested in our Pre-Printed AstroPaq® pouches, contact Dave Moynihan at 585.259.9202 or [email protected]. We’ll send you a design kit to begin your project.