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AstraPouch® Redefines Flexible Beer Packaging

A cost-saving, space-saving innovation for breweries, brew-pubs, and more

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK; August 17, 2021: AstraPouch® has announced the launch of their newest flexible beer packaging solution, the 64oz Beer Growler. Featuring a dark amber color to protect against UVA/UVB light and a smaller head space to preserve the carbonation and quality of your product, the growler is created specifically for take-out and on-the-go purchases of carbonated beverages. Offering both form and function, this innovation finally brings the benefits of the eco-friendly AstraPouch products to craft breweries, brew-pubs, restaurants, and more.

Bars and restaurants around the country shifted their focus to take-out packaging solutions during the height of COVID-19, with many choosing to continue their offerings even as in-person dining resumes. What’s more, new guidance from many State Liquor Authorities allows for any liquor license holder or producer to sell alcohol for takeout or delivery with the purchase of food.

“The Beer Growler is perfect for short-term storage for those looking to enjoy a fresh draught or craft beer outside of the brewery or restaurant,” says Dave Moynihan, founder and president of AstraPouch. “It’s a great way to allow customers to enjoy the food and drinks from their favorite locales from the comfort of their homes.”

The most attractive features of the Beer Growler are the cost and space savings, according to Michael Mrozak, AstraPouch’s Operations and Fulfillment Coordinator. “They store flat, so a case of empty pouches is equivalent to an entire pallet of glass growlers, but obviously taking up considerably less space.” Additionally, at a purchase price of just $0.99 each, they offer significant cost savings over the $5.00-$6.00 per-item cost of glass growlers.

As with all of our pouches designed for carbonated beverages, the Beer Growler includes AstraPouch’s patented, pressure-regulated screw cap. “The cap holds the pressure inside the pouch, retaining the effervescence of the beverage,” says Mr. Moynihan. “But if the internal pressure gets too high, the cap will crack open to relieve it.” Created with beer in mind, the pouch also features a growler-standard 33mm mouth for easing filling and a marked 64-ounce fill line.

The new pouch shares the convenience, durability and environment-friendliness of all AstraPouch’s products. “It meets all three Rs,” says Mr. Mrozak. “It can be recycled, it can be reused, and it reduces the carbon footprint by 85%, compared to glass.” Other beverage packaging products offered by the company include label-ready pouches, customized printed pouches, and bag-in-box supplies, all in a variety of sizes. More information on the Astrapouch® 64oz Beer Growler and the complete AstraPouch® product line is available on the company’s website at

About AstraPouch®

AstraPouch® is the cutting-edge leader in alternative beverage packaging and is the exclusive sole distributor of Astropaq® and Astromini® Pouches, Astrobag® BIB supplies, and Astrofill® custom filling machines. The company was started in 2009 by longtime wine and spirits insider Dave Moynihan, a former executive at Constellation Brands and an expert in beverage packaging.