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AstraPouch® announces short-run printing of full-color pouches

Significantly reduced minimum order quantities

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK; October 13, 2014: AstraPouch® announced today that it is now offering digitally printed AstroPaq® pouches at a low minimum quantity of 1,000 pouches per SKU. Pre-printed pouches had previously only been available in quantities of 25,000 or more. With this change, fully branded pouches will be more accessible to wineries of all sizes.

Traditionally, due to size and material requirements, pouches had to be printed using flexographic or gravure processes. Groundbreaking advancements in wide-web digital printing equipment, however, have changed that. “Since the day we introduced the AstroPaq® pouch, wineries have repeatedly asked if we could lower our minimums,” says Dave Moynihan, president of AstraPouch®. “Now, thanks to this technology and the flexibility afforded by digital printing, we’re finally able to oblige. It’s very exciting.”

The new minimum quantity for the digitally printed full-color pouches is 1,000 pouches per SKU, as opposed to 25,000 per SKU for flexo printing (total orders across SKUs must meet a 5,000-pouch minimum).

Erica Graham, Director of Marketing and Finance at AstraPouch®, shares Moynihan’s enthusiasm. “We’re excited that even more of our clients can now reap the benefits of full-color, fully branded pouches. With the lower minimum, the cost of entry is significantly reduced—but there’s nothing sacrificed either, because the print quality is superb.”

The company will continue to offer its label-ready white pouches as well as the flexo-printed full-color pouches for higher print runs. More information on the complete AstraPouch® product line, including pouches, filling machines, and bag-in-box products, is available on the company’s website at

About AstraPouch®

AstraPouch® is the exclusive sole distributer of AstroPaq® and AstroMini®, the cutting-edge leaders in soft packaging for the wine and spirits industry. The company was started in 2009 by longtime wine and spirits insider Dave Moynihan, a former executive at Constellation Brands and an expert in wine and spirits packaging.