Drink Outside The Box

Ty Ku SakeAstraPouch® is proud to introduce the latest advancement in wine and spirits packaging – the AstroPaq® pouch!

Replacing heavy glass bottles and bulky bag-in-box packaging, the lightweight AstroPaq® pouches are a durable, convenient and eco-friendly way to bring wine and spirits to the consumer market.

We are revolutionizing the wine and spirits industry. Never before has there been a package so sleek, so marketable, so efficient or so profitable.

Advantages at a Glance
  • Durable. Specifically designed with multiple layers, AstroPaq® is a stronger, safer alternative to glass bottles.
  • Cool. The same layers that keep the pouch strong also keep it cool, and fast. The specially designed material allows for quick cooling for fast enjoyment.
  • Efficient. The AstroPaq® 3.0 pouch can hold four 750ml glass bottles of wine.
  • Smart. The nozzle is a one way street; when the wine or liquor is poured, the oxygen stays out, keeping your product fresher, longer.
  • Loud. The entire pouch can be designed to represent your brand, unlike the limiting labels on glass bottles.
  • Green. AstroPaq® pouches have an 80% reduced carbon footprint compared to glass.